My work draws upon the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring thought systems, perception and body sensations. Human hair is intimately corporeal, tactile and focuses the viewer’s attention on the body. Also, since hair doesn’t decay long after death, it is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance. Each strand of hair is hand knotted or woven into forms, which can be seen through, conjuring invisible thoughts and memories. At the same time, the intricate structures of human hair transcribes a feeling of intimacy and envelopment to the viewer, shifting the viewer’s awareness toward subtle perceptions that are often taken for granted.

In my 2d work, I also use each strand of hair to create compositions of grids, and geometric shapes with repeated hair-lines. The diffused hair strands within layers of acrylic medium and beeswax, represent thoughts dissolving, or surfacing between states of the conscious and unconscious mind.
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